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Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Installed just 299

Our goal is to provide crystal clear, microfine purified and hygienically clean water for your home. Osmosis water is about as pure as the ice of the glaciers in the high mountains. No More Plastic Bottles in your home.

Special Offer

12L Water Softener Installed just €599

  • No more Limescale
  • Save on detergents, shampoos etc.
  • Save on hot water and heating bills
  • Save on replacement of appliances
  • Eliminates water hardness
  • Automatic, electronic time-volume control valve equipped with by-pass
  • Maintenance-free device (labour limited to salt refill)
  • High quality materials guarantee long and fault-free operation

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Go Green, Stop Wasting Money and Enviroment.

Our body contain up to 80% of water. To stay well hydrated we need to drink approx 2 litres of water daily. Thanks to our Reverse Osmosis Filter, you will deliver highest quality water to your body, and will help Mother Earth, by reducing ammount of plastic, that we use daily.

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