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Nifty Sales Ltd. would like to present 3 super modern Spanish water filtration systems that use the latest achievements in water engineering. These top-class products combine technology with a great and modern design.

i-WATER, i-PURE Signature, and ARTIK belongs to the new generation of direct flow purifiers from HidroSalud. Their added value is the low rejection of water (1 liter produced-0.7 liters rejected) and the eradication of the plastic bottles. These modern and slim systems achieve a water production of 1.4 liters per minute. Water is produced instantly, and it is not accumulated in a tank. Purified water is free of physical, plastic, chemical or bacteriological residues. These modern eco filters are equipped with an automatic membrane cleaning system that activates every 24 hours and ensures a long lifetime of the membrane.

i-WATER, and ARTIK produce water of low or medium mineralization, so you can choose the right one for you. These systems incorporate a digital water quality detector and a digital screen. The water outlet quality measurements and the status of the filters appear on the display. i-WATER also checks the quality of inlet water.

i-WATER and ARTIK come with two options faucet-one option for medium and one for low mineralization. i-PURE Signature doesn’t have this option but it incorporates a smart faucet that alerts you when equipment needs filter replacement (it is marked blue when filters are clean and red when they need replacement).

All these intelligent purify systems are also fitted out with a leak detector to block the system automatically in case of water leakage. Smart! Isn’t it?