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Waters Therapy Shower Basic - luxury shower filter
Waters Therapy Shower Basic - luxury shower filter
Waters Therapy Shower Basic - luxury shower filter
Waters Therapy Shower Basic - luxury shower filter
Waters Therapy Shower - Luxury Shower Filter
Waters Therapy Shower - Luxury Shower Filter
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Waters Therapy Shower - Luxury Shower Filter

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    This extraordinary product is a shower filter, which combines many functions: showering, relaxing of your mind and aromatherapy effect. This cutting-edge filter was designed outside the box, reaching far beyond the standard of this type of filters. It's functional, just perfect for modern lifestyle.
    Water in your shower is just as important as the water you drink!
    Did you know that by simply taking shower every day you can strengthen your health and highlight your natural beauty?

    This product was designed for you!


    Waters Therapy Shower completely removes chlorine from tap water, providing you with clean and safe water. You will no longer have to worry about the state of your skin or hair loss.
    Tap water is chlorinated in order to kill germs and viruses. Even smallest amount of chlorine can be harmful for skin and hair. Apart from its harmful properties, you should keep in mind that it also reacts with other chemical substances in water, generating a compound called Trihalomethane - this chemical is a known carcinogen.



    Chlorine in tap water has strong oxidizing properties and is able to kill cells of your body even at low concentration level. It may cause:
    • Rough skin and accelerated ageing effect
    • Dry skin and various skin diseases (skin cancer, atopic dermatitis syndrome, severe itching)
    • Hair loss, discoloration, dandruff, destruction of hair protein
    • Reacts with organic compounds in tap water and forms carcinogenic compounds such as trihalomethane


    Chlorine is also absorbed by human body through digestive and respiratory systems. Surprisingly, by taking bath or shower human body absorbs more chlorine than by drinking - absorption during shower is 3 - 4 times greater!

    Chlorine evaporates during bath, disperses into the air and concentrates in a closed bathroom.

    Test for chlorine in water

    It is easy to carry out a test for chlorine level in tap water at home. You just need to buy an appropriate reagent or test kit. If the water with reagent turns yellow, it means that the water contains chlorine.


    You can use the same method to test the water filtered by Water Therapy Shower. If the water does not change its colour, this means that chlorine has been removed. You will receive a chlorine test kit together with the Waters Therapy Shower filter.



    Use Waters Therapy Shower and cleanse your soul. Pleasant scent of lavender or lemon (to be selected in shopping options) will make you gain new vital strength. The unique aroma released from the Waters Therapy Shower brings stress relief and at the same time revitalises your body.

    A shower, which has the power to restore your health, simultaneously providing you with extraordinary pleasure and comfort. Your body will continue to smell beautifully long after the shower.



    Waters Therapy Shower will provide your body with Vitamin C that will revitalize your skin, smooth out deep wrinkles, soften skin, provide nutrients, hydrate and make your skin look healthy.

    Taking Vitamin C with a bath or shower is far more effective than taking tablets!

    Vitamin C is a known antioxidant - it contributes to your skin's health and youthful appearance.



    Feel the luxury of amazing Water Therapy Shower, which contains collagen.
    What is collagen?

    Collagen is the main protein in all tissue, including skin, nerves, bones, teeth and muscle. Collagen is 70% of skin tissue and around 90 % of dermis (true skin). It is responsible for skin hydration and flexibility control.

    • Protects skin from UV rays and prevents discoloration on the face and freckles
    • Prevents forming of wrinkles
    • Improves skin flexibility
    • Protects from skin ageing

    The functions of Waters Therapy Shower:alt

    • Removes chlorine and harmful chlorine compounds in tap water, protecting your skin from chemical damage
    • Softens hair and prevents damage and hair loss normally caused by chlorine
    • Beautifies skin by use of collagen, boosts skin flexibility
    • Vitamin C provides nutrients for skin and works as antioxidant, preventing skin aging
    • Lavender aroma soothes body body and skin, brings stress relief
    • Softens water, making your shower more pleasant than ever

    Waters Therapy Shower installation:

    Waters Therapy Shower is very easy to install. In fact, you can always de-install it and take it with you when going on holiday!

    Step 1: Open the packing and check all of the parts. Take out the Waters Therapy Shower casing and insert the cartridge.

    Step 2: After inserting the cartridge, close the casing - repulsive force that occurs is a normal effect of the magnet inside the device.

    Step 3: Connect the casing to the shower hose.

    Step 4: Connect the casing to the shower head.

    Waters Therapy Shower shower head:

    Totally new shower head concept - designed to deliver a unique experience. While taking shower, you will feel like on a walk in the middle of a forest!

    altShower head plate in such way, that it will shower you with hundreds of thousands of anions, making you feel really fresh, just like during a walk through a forest.

    Micro Pad Filter:

    The Micro Pad Filter installed in the shower head will filter out all impurities, such as rust, protecting your skin and additionally cleaning the water.

    Product presentation
    Perfect for children:

    Therapy Shower was medically tested and was proven to be safe for skin and eyes, and the water from the filter is good for drinking. All components used for its production are attested as safe for contact with food.

    Shower head dimensions: 8 cm Height x 13 cm Width

    Shower head weight: 106 g

    Casing dimensions: 13 cm Height x 4.5 cm Diameter

    Casing weight: 146 g

    Filter cartridge lifespan: 10 000 Litres of water

    Professional packing of the product.

    One cartridge included in the set.