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UV Sterilizer 1/4
UV Sterilizer 1/4
UV Sterilizer 1/4
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UV Sterilizer 1/4" for RO System

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    The ¼" UV sterilizer is intended for use with reverse osmosis systems or other kitchen filters as an additional protection against the undesirable development of bacterial flora in filtered water.
    Complete set with housing, bulb and adapter.

    The sterilization lamp is mounted inside a quartz sleeve and has no contact with water.
    The sterilizer is safe, easy in operation and service.
    The UV sterilizer in a natural way removes 98-99% of bacteria and viruses from the water. It does not affect the organoleptic parameters of water.

    Ultraviolet radiation spectrum is divided into four main categories, UV-A, UV-B, UV-C and vacuum UV. The range between 240 and 280 nm is UV-C, commonly known as the germicidal spectrum.

    For artificial UV rays creation, gas-discharge lamps are used. They are made of quartz glass and contain mercury vapor. This vapor, in excited state, emits radiation of a certain spectrum that is destructive to viruses and bacteria in water or air.