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Tank disinfectant
Tank disinfectant
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Tank Disinfectant


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    Easy to use and efficient disinfecting module for traditional reverse osmosis systems.
    This element should be installed periodically on the system, before the storage tank - when water is running through the system, it distributes the disinfectant throughout the tank. Inside of the module there is a soluble germicidal tablet, which gets carried with the water into the tank - it disinfects the tank, using only as much of the disinfectant, as necessary. The disinfecting agent kills viruses, bacteria, fungi and nematodes. The disinfecting module is not reusable. Instructions: We recommend disinfecting storage tank before replacement of the in-line cartridges. 1. Close the filter's water supply. 2. Open the filter spout and let all of the water out of the tank. 3. Close the filter spout and unplug the hose from the tank valve. 4. Connect the disinfecting module GW-DZF to the valve, then connect the hose to the module. 5. Open the water supply and keep it open until the tank is full. 6. Close the water supply and the tank valve. 7. Unplug the disinfectant module and empty the tank by pouring it out. 8. Connect the tank to the system and fill it with clean water. 9. Open the filter spout and empty the tank again. 10. Replace the in-line filters and filter cartridges.