RO Water Dispenser
RO Water Dispenser
RO Water Dispenser
RO Water Dispenser
RO Water Dispenser
RO Water Dispenser
RO Water Dispenser
RO Water Dispenser
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RO Water Dispenser


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    Clean water wherever you want thanks to the modern Global Water water dispenser!
    Ideal when renting. No Installation!
    Meet an ultra modern water filtration system in the form of a small water dispenser.
    A set of cartridges to be replaced after 6 months of use - see and buy HERE
    RO membrane (service life up to 2 years) - see and buy HERE  




    This practical solution will allow you to have perfectly clean water wherever you want – even in rooms without plumbing. Our dispenser is great not only in the kitchen or social rooms but also in offices and many other representative places.
    Extremely simple installation – put the device anywhere, plug in the power supply – and it’s ready to go!
    The device does not require water supply or drain connection.
    Perfectly clean water is provided by the built-in reverse osmosis system with a production capacity of up to 200 liters per day. Rapid water production thanks to the pressure booster pump. Four water temperatures to choose from.

    How does the Global Water dispenser work?

    The device does not require connection to water supply – you simply pour tap water into the container, and the installed water filtration system does the rest. The filters within the system filter the water of small mechanical impurities, chlorine and other chemical compounds, heavy metals as well as viruses and bacteria. The reverse osmosis membrane ensures perfectly clean water, and additionally an antibacterial cartridge is placed inside the system – so there is no concern about the safety of water quality.
    The built-in pump increases pressure and passes water through the RO membrane many times – thanks to this the dispenser is much more economical than any other water filtration system with reverse osmosis technology. The unit controls the water quality and informs you when you need to replace it. In addition, the control panel displays information about the quality of the raw water in the tank and the quality of treated water (TDS measurement of raw and purified water). On the control panel you will also find information on the consumption of filter cartridges, and with one touch of the finger you will choose the temperature and the amount of water to take.

    Four water temperatures to choose from:
    1. Ambient water – for direct consumption
    2. Water at 50°C
    3. Water at 85°C – brewing white and green tea
    4. Water at 95°C – brewing black tea, coffee

    Selectable water quantity:
    1. Continuous flow
    2. 240 ml
    3. 350 ml
    4. 500 ml
    Each of the above choices can be changed or stopped at any time

    Water filtration stages:

    The device treats water in four stages:
    1. Stainless steel filter to remove mechanical impurities (it does not need to be replaced)
    2. Sediment-carbon filter 1 micron – accurate removal of mechanical and chemical impurities
    3. 50 GPD RO membrane – excellent water filtration (0.0001 micron)
    4. Antibacterial carbon filter to improve the taste of water


    Dimensions: height 388 mm, width 183 mm, depth 440 mm
    Net weight: 7 kg
    Touch screen panel with temperature selection
    Four temperatures of water to choose from: 25°, 50°C, 85°C, 95°C
    Feed water tank: 5 litres
    Clean water storage tank: 1.5 litre
    Voltage: 220-230V 50 Hz
    Power: 2300 W
    Average power consumption: 0.1 kW/24h
    Hot water production capacity: 27 l/h (~90°C)

    Simple Maintanance:

    Replacing cartridges is very easy – 1/4 turn and that’s it. The action requires no technical knowledge or tools.