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Reverse Osmosis 1000 GPD DEMI
Reverse Osmosis 1000 GPD DEMI
Reverse Osmosis 1000 GPD DEMI
Reverse Osmosis 1000 GPD DEMI
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Reverse Osmosis 1000 GPD DEMI


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    High-capacity reverse osmosis system – water production up to 3800 litres per day.

    Ideal for technical purposes, small production and many other uses – anywhere, where you need really clean water.

    Simple construction: two large initial filters, type BB10”, and a RO membrane 1000 GPD and a big DEMI filter.
    Simple construction and compact size make it easy to be transported and move about, it can be quickly installed and connected to water supply in practically any place, e.g. when placed inside of a van or out in a garden. Ideal solution for window cleaning or for those who need a lot of clean water to fill an aquarium tank – now you won’t have to drag a water tank with you – you can produce crystal-clear water at your work-place – while cleaning the windows. All you need to do is to connect the RO system to a garden hose (a connector included in set).
    Depending on the quality of feed water, you can get up to 3800 litres per day.
    The device does not require electric power, it can work non-stop.
    Included in set: user manual, flexible water hose (5 meters), all installation accessories and a valve for membrane washing.
    Possibility of equipping with clean water storage tanks – you can freely expand or re-configure the entire system.
    We can assemble tailor-made configurations on request – for more details give us a call!


    Supplied water temperature: 5 – 40°C
    Min. water pressure: 3 atm
    Max. water pressure: 6 atm
    Recommended water pressure: 4 atm
    Max. salinity of water: 2000 ppm
    Raw water connections: three types included in set:
    1. Connection for 3/4” hose
    2. Female thread 3/4”
    3. Female thread 3/4”
    Clean water supply hose: 1/4”
    Drain to the sewer: 1/4”
    Dimensions: Height 57 cm, Width 50 cm, Depth 18 cm

    Type of filter cartridges and replacement:

    1. Polypropylene filter 5-micron, model GW-PS5-BB10 – recommended replacement, depending on water quality: every 6 months.
    2. Carbon block filter, model GW-BL-BB10 – recommended replacement, depending on water quality: every 3 months.
    3. RO membrane 1000 gpd – recommended replacement, according to water quality: every 3 years.
    4. Demineralising filter, model GW-DEMI-L25 – media replacement according to needs,

    Real, tested capacity of the system:

    1440 litres / day (1 litre per minute)
    Test conditions:
    Water temperature: 18°C
    Salinity 650 ppm
    Water pressure: 4 atm
    Water hardness: 0°N

    Advantages of the system:

    Very easy installation
    Easy to transport
    Does not require electric power
    Easy extension into any desired configuration
    Very little water waste – around 1 l per 1 l of clean water
    Low Very low operating cost
    Immediate action – clean water immediately after installation
    Exceptionally easy use and servicing
    Commonly used, standard filter cartridges