Global Water Shower Filter
Global Water Shower Filter
Global Water Shower Filter
Global Water Shower Filter
Global Water Shower Filter
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Global Water Shower Filter


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    Advanced, efficient and effective—Multi-function shower filter Global Water.
    Discover the benefits of our new product.



    The Global Water shower filter has up to 15 stages of filtration enclosed in a small, easy-to-install housing.

    The filter removes mechanical impurities, heavy metals, chemicals and a whole range of other substances harmful to the skin and hair in water. It limits the formation of limescale and the fungi and mold growth. Does not reduce water pressure.

    The unique and advanced 15-stage water filtration system (sediment filters, KDF 55, calcium sulphite, activated carbon, alkalizing beds and vitamin C) ensures maximum water filtration by equalizing its pH level and adding the necessary mineral compounds for skin, nails and hair starting with the first use (magnesium, zinc, calcium and potassium). The Global Water shower filter is ideal for children and sensitive skin!

    Water Filtration Stages:

    1 – 6. Removal of mechanical impurities – three pre-filtration and three post-filtration stages: water filtration through two types of stainless steel mesh and polypropylene filters

    7. KDF 55 media – is a special copper and zinc alloy that removes (binds) heavy metals and kills bacteria

    8. Calcium sulphite – the most effective in removing chlorine in a short time (99% efficiency in 0.8 seconds)

    9. Activated carbon – removal of chemical substances, chlorine derivatives and pesticides

    10 – 13. Medical Stone, ceramic and mineral granules – energize and oxygenate water, add micro elements to the water (magnesium, zinc, calcium and potassium)

    14. Magnetic granules – they add low-frequency energy charge, thanks to which calcium carbonate contained in water loses its properties (does not form limescale)

    15. Vitamin C – revitalizes the skin, smooths wrinkles, softens the skin, provides nutrients, restores moisture and makes the skin healthier. Vitamin C is an effective antioxidant, which means that it contributes to health and maintains the youthful appearance of your skin. Taking vitamin C through your skin is much more effective than taking pills.

    Simple installation in minutes:Standard connections work with all types of showers, including permanent showers, rain showers and hand showers.



    Height: 11 cm

    Diameter: 7 cm

    Housing material: ABS

    Color: Silver

    Working temperature: 5 – 80°C

    Working time: up to 45,000 liters of water (900 x shower or 450 x bath tub) or up to 6 months

    Connections: 1/2″ (IN and OUT – standard for rain showers, handles and shower pipes)

    Recommended water flow: 9.5 l/min

    Pressure: 6 bar

    The product is packed in a color branded box

    Additional replaceable insert, gasket and Teflon tape included.

    Cartridge Replacement:

    We recommend replacing the cartridge every 45 thousand liters of water or every 6 months. One extra replaceable cartridge is included in the set with the filter.
    Device Installation:

    All the equipment in the shop can be installed on your own without voiding the warranty.