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Global Water Pure Soft mini Softener 11l
Global Water Pure Soft mini Softener 11l
Global Water Pure Soft mini Softener 11l
Pure Soft Mini Softener 11l
Global Water Pure Soft mini Softener 11l
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Pure Soft Mini Softener 11l


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    Premium Softener For Family of 1 to 6 People.
    Pleasure and comfort provided by soft water! Experience the latest technology with minimal ongoing expenses.



    "Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with hard water issues in your home! Introducing the Global Water Softener – your ultimate solution for clean, soft water throughout your entire household.

    Tired of battling limescale buildup on faucets, appliances, and more? Our fully automatic, maintenance-free water softener is here to rescue you. Installed at your building's water entry point, it ensures your whole family enjoys the benefits of silky-soft water. No more scrubbing, no more extra costs from appliance damage.

    Why choose the Pure Soft Mini Softener 11l ?

    • Effortless installation and operation.
    • Reliable control valve and efficient ion exchange media.
    • Dimensions: 54.0cm (H) x 31.0cm (W) x 44.0cm (D) (+5.0cm for water connection).
    • Handles water hardness up to 88°N (1500 mg CaCO3).
    • Maximum water flow of 1000 liters per hour.
    • 11-liter resin volume with Purolite C100E ion exchange resin.
    • 10 kg brine tank capacity.
    • Suitable for 1 to 6 people.
    • Works with feed water temperature of 5 – 38°C and supply pressure of 1.5 – 6 bar.
    • Power supply: 220V/50Hz (safe transformer included).
    • Regeneration mode: metered UP-Flow.
    • Water access during regeneration.
    • Minimal operating costs with 3W power consumption during operation and 15W during regeneration.
    • Average salt consumption for regeneration: 1.3 kg.
    • Average water consumption for regeneration: 137 liters.
    • Recommended resin replacement every 10 to 20 years.
    • User-friendly control panel with multiple languages.
    • Intelligent programming and memory backup.
    • No reduction in mains pressure.
    • Dry brine tank and salt grate prevent salt deposits.
    • Corrosion-resistant and efficient design.
    • Reliable microprocessor-based control system.
    • High purification efficiency for top-quality water.
    • Safety features: 24V power supply and triple anti-overflow protection.
    • Innovative features: customizable regeneration cycles, 24-hour clock, remaining soft water display, and more.

    Experience the joy of soft water with the Pure Soft Mini Softener 11l. Add to your cart now and enjoy the benefits of clean, soft water without the hassle!"