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Global Water Carbon Softener
Global Water Carbon Softener
Global Water Carbon Softener
Global Water Carbon Softener
Global Water Carbon Softener
Global Water Carbon Softener
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Carbon Softener


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    Premium Softener For Family of 4 to 10 People that also removes Chlorine. 
    Pleasure and comfort provided by soft water with reduced Chlorine.
    New Technology, Low running cost. 
    14 working days delivery time. 



    If liquid calcium carbonate flows out of your tap instead of clean, soft water, and white or yellow sediment forms on taps, in the kettle and other household appliances, you know how much work and effort you have to put in the fight against this insidious enemy. Once removed, sediments reappear like weeds on the plot. While removing external symptoms improves your mood, it does not eliminate the root cause of the problem. Hard well water occurs in many areas, and its use entails not only time and effort put into maintaining cleanliness, but also considerable costs resulting from excessive use of household appliances (washing machine, dishwasher, fittings), central heating installation or hot water heaters and storage tanks. Replacing or repairing most of these devices is an expense far higher than buying a good water softening system.

    The Global Water softener is a fully automatic, maintenance-free device that will be a perfect guardian of your comfort. Installed at the water point of entry in the building, it will provide perfectly soft water for the whole family—the carbon media used in the system will perfectly remove chlorine and other chemical pollutants appearing in municipal or well water. Reliable control valve, the best regeneration process of the ion exchange media and a 10-year warranty are just some of the advantages of this device. Add a special offer for additional equipment to the really good price, and full happiness is right there. Now, to use clean and soft water, you just need to add the product to your cart and submit the order—we’ll do the rest.

    Specification of the Global Water Carbon Softener:

    Dimensions [cm]: height 104.5 x width 31.0 x depth 44.0 (+water connection 5.0)
    Maximum hardness of the feed water: 88°N (1500 mg CaCO3)
    Maximum water flow: 3000 l/h
    Resin Volume: 20 liters
    Type of ion exchange resin: Purolite C100E
    Carbon media volume: 5 liters
    Type of carbon media: Hydroanthracite
    Brine tank capacity: 50 kg
    Feed water temperature: 5 – 38°C
    Supply pressure: 1.5 – 6 bar
    Water connection: 3/4″
    Power supply: 220V/50Hz (safe transformer included)
    Number of people using the water: 1 – 5
    A drain connection is required (it does not need to be nearby)
    Regeneration mode: metered
    Type of regeneration: UP-Flow (counter-current regeneration)
    Water access during regeneration: YES
    Information about the lack of salt: YES
    Preparation of brine from soft water: YES

    Operating Costs:

    Power consumption: 3W during operation and 15W during regeneration
    Average salt consumption for regeneration: 2.9 kg
    Average water consumption for regeneration: 137 l
    Recommended resin replacement: every 20 years

    Additional Advantages:

    Intuitive softener control valve that can be programmed even by a child! Multilanguage menu. Just set the current time and the hardness of the supply water (compensated by the content of the compounds described above) and that’s it—the electronic control module will do the rest. From now on, you can forget about hard water problems. Memory backup will ensure that programming data will not be lost due to power failure.
    The device does not reduce the mains pressure.
    Dry brine tank and salt grate—a guarantee of no salt deposits inside the brine tank.
    Few moving parts and no metal parts that can cause corrosion or oxidation.
    The counter-current resin regeneration system ensures an even distribution of the brine and effective regeneration with a small amount of salt used during regeneration.
    Internal water bypass within the valve ensures continuous access to water by the user, even in during resin regeneration.
    Preparation of brine for regeneration—automatic, with soft water.
    Reliable, microprocessor-based control system for water treatment.
    High efficiency of water purification
    Reliable operation
    Iron removal function
    Chemical contamination removal function
    Extremely simple device programming: user-friendly and clear control panel


    24V voltage power supply
    Triple anti-overflow protection


    Memory of programmed settings
    Effective and reliable disc control valve
    Polyethylene brine tank with increased density and strength
    Fiberglass reinforced cylinder for ion exchange resin

    Unique Solutions:

    Setting the duration of the regeneration cycles
    UP-Flow regeneration in metered mode
    24 hour clock
    Information on the remaining amount of soft water
    Display of the time remaining until the end of regeneration
    Treated water flow meter
    Low salt alarm
    Backlit screen
    Treated water quality control