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Osmotic Water - what is it, where to buy and is it expensive?

on March 30, 2022

Osmotic water - what it is, where should I get and is it expensive?

Most of us want to live a healthy life. One of the basic elements necessary to maintain health is rational and valuable nutrition. A very large part of alternative diets arranged by professional nutritionists includes frequent drinking of water, which is their key element. Even though now, this liquid is widely available, it is known that the continuous purchase of plastic bottles does not necessarily serve the environment, and the composition of the water flowing in the taps is not always beneficial to our bodies. The solution to this problem is the so-called osmotic water. If you care about a healthy and ecological lifestyle, you should consider drinking osmotic water.

Osmotic water - what is it?

Water subjected to the process of reverse osmosis is free of any salts in the form of ions. In practice this means that it does not have 95% of impurities normally found in it. Another factor which characterizes it is the reason for frequent confusion of osmotic water with distilled water. Those familiar with the subject are certainly aware of the taste differences between the two types of liquid. It is easy to guess that the differences result from the composition. Water rich in oxygen and carbon dioxide is much more refreshing, which means that it simply tastes better. This is what osmotic water is known for, while distilled water is deprived of these two compounds, which makes the taste sensations associated with drinking it somewhat bland and less pleasant. Osmotic water is obtained by subjecting ordinary water to a reverse osmosis process, which consists in passing water through a so-called osmotic membrane. Apart from being an essential part of many diets, reverse osmosis water is widely used in the cosmetic, heating and even military industries, among others. Apart from that, osmotic water for aquariums is quite popular and its properties are essential for some fish species.

Whether osmotic water has a beneficial effect on our body is a controversial issue. The main objection of opponents of this thesis is that this type of liquid is devoid of mineral particles, such as magnesium, calcium, or potassium. Usually, however, few of those who express such an opinion draw attention to the very low assimilability of mineral water ingredients. Fluid replenishment is necessary for the proper functioning of the body, and as far as minerals are concerned, their main source is fruit and vegetables. Therefore, consumption of reverse osmosis water can certainly be considered healthy. It is also worth mentioning that there are special devices available on the market which enrich water with minerals and ions. The online shop Nifty Sales has in its offer mineralizers, i.e., cartridges made of rocks which occur in nature. Thanks to this, water is replenished with minerals. Among sceptics there are also opinions claiming that water subjected to the process of reverse osmosis would flush minerals out of the human organism. This myth is a fairy tale. A negative influence of this liquid on the amount of minerals in the human body has never been documented, and it will never happen, because it is commonly known that the human organism knows perfectly well which substances it needs to store, and which it should get rid of. Therefore, with the help of water, it removes unnecessary toxins from itself and, in turn, absorbs important minerals immediately and uses them to function properly. There is a lot of other similar information out there, but it does not refute the fact that osmotic water is one of the healthiest types of drinking water available to humans.

How much does osmotic water cost and where can I buy it?

Bottled osmotic water is widely available in many shops, although most people are probably not aware of it. Nevertheless, reverse osmosis systems, which take the form of devices that can be installed, for example, in a cabinet under a kitchen sink, are much more beneficial ecologically and financially. This allows you to drink clean water directly from the tap without having to worry about contamination. These types of products are available, for example, from the Nifty Sales online shop. Even though at first glance such solutions may seem much more expensive than, for example, buying bottled water on a regular basis, their cost will pay off after just a few or several months. An average family in Ireland, who buys bottled water for drinking and making tea for example, spends up to €600 a year. The cost of replacing a set of filter cartridges is usually less than €75 and is only necessary once a year. An investment in your own comfort and improvement of your health is undoubtedly worth this price, and the reliability and high quality of the products offered by Nifty Sales will ensure your satisfaction with their purchase. You can check our range of Reverse Osmosis systems. We have 3 types: Classic, Modern and Premium

Osmotic water is a win-win for the environment, our health, and our budget. Thanks to devices such as reverse osmosis systems you can consume water of the highest quality without littering the environment with plastic bottles. The price you must pay for this kind of device is undoubtedly worth its benefits, more so considering the economy of such an investment, visible in the long run. In the Nifty Sales online shop, you will find plenty of osmotic filters, softeners and other devices and accessories related to water treatment, so that you can take the first step on the road to a healthy lifestyle.