EMI-PROTECT – Antibacterial filter housing with ZINC-based active agent



EMI PROTECT was developed using revolutionary, patent pending technology, which uses high quality zinc. In contrast to competitive products, antibacterial substance is dispersed evenly throughout the entire housing (on the surface and deeper layers) – both in head and the bowl.
It’s antimicrobial properties are not decreased with time.

Zinc stops biofilm formation inside the housing. It protects from bacteria proliferation and eliminates the risk of microbial corrosion, which weakens the structural integrity and may cause housing damage. This way the service life of the product is extended. A contact with zinc based active agent eliminates Gram+ and Gram- bacteria (eg. salmonella, staphylococcus aureus, e.coli).

  • the most advanced antibacterial and antiseptic technology
  • extended service life and durability
  • does not contain hazardous chemicals and nanomaterials
  • safe for health of children and adults, allergy sufferers friendly and eco friendly, BPA free
  • double o’rings