100GDP Reverse Osmosis Membrane

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100GPD ( Gallons per day) Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Reverse osmosis process is reversed naturally occurring process found in nature. Initially it was developed in USA for US NAVY (for seawater desalination). RO membrane is able to remove up to 98% of all substances (including ions) found in feed water. It is absolute filter with specified pore size. Currently it is the most accurate filtration method.

Membrane efficiency depends on feedwater pressure and temperature. When the pressure is low a booster pump must be used.

– remove up to 98% substances present in water
– absolute filter (with equal pore size)
– the most accurate filtration method
– high efficiency

RO membrane is composed of multiple layers of semipermeable, porous material. Its pores are large enough to let water penetrate through them, yet small enough to prevent other substances from passing through. This way, it removes microorganisms or even ions from water.