RO System removes up to 99% of pollution from water including : bacteria, viruses, chemicals, metals, chlorine, fluoride, pesticide, and many more that could be im your water. It also removes, some substances that normally are not required by Irish Water to be removed, such as magnesium, calcium, limescale.


How it works?



No more bottled water.Ro filtered water,  in most cases, is better quality than bottled water from the shop. You save money!!!


No more handling heavy bottled water into your home. Just open RO filtered water tap, and enjoy pure drinking water at your home.

Enviromental Protection


In Ireland, and in the rest of the world, we need to deal with huge problem of plastic waste. Every single plastic bottle, that we buy, is causing more damage to Planet Earth. Instalation of RO System in your home, eliminate this problem, and will reduce cost of your bins collection.

Our 7 Stage RO Filter is equiped in 3 pre filters, active carbon filter, and re-mineralizers. Taste of water is highly improved, you will tase the diffrence when you cook, and drink your tea and coffee.

Is Ro Filtered water safe?

2-way Faucet

YESOur RO systems comes with certificates. Mineralizator fitted in Our RO System, will provide all minerals, that were removed in filtration process

Our RO system if fitted with 2-way faucet. Depends on your needs, you can choose water straight after Ro, or after re-mineralization. We also provide 3-way faucets, please check in our store.

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